FAQs and other questions I am frequently asked.

I always say 2-4 weeks. The delivery time depends on how busy I am during the time around your event. There are a few months during the year where the majority of the Arangetram / Rangapravesam events happen each weekend. During this time its safe to say at least 4 weeks turn around. I try my best to get a handful pictures out the week after the event.

I take the time to cull through the images and provide basic editing. The overall product is much better quality. Some photographers just hand you a disc, with images exported straight from the camera. I prefer to spend another days time and give you a better gallery of images.

Expect around 900 images.

You will get your photographs in full resolution, jpg format. Unless you are printing pictures for a billboard, these image files are perfect for regular (4×6) to larger prints (16×24 e.g.).

Given the length of the performance versus the length of the guest arrival and dinner service. The amount of images weighted to the performance is always much higher, generally around 60/40 in favor of the dance pictures.

I completely understand and its nice to see natural images of everyone talking, working and enjoying the moment. We try to get some candid shots during the event, but having shot many of these there are some limitations that make it more ideally suited for composed shots. Dinner service, e.g., people are eating and talking and this can lead to varied results but tend to be less flattering, especially when people are eating. Also depends on how we are able to juxtapose ourselves around the situation.

In these situations we get these moments by keeping the moment alive, but having everyone turn to pose for the camera.

We arrive around 2 hours before the event start time. Event start time means when the dance begins. So if your event starts at 5 PM, and guests start arriving at 4:15 PM we would arrive around 3 PM. During this time before guests arrive we get behind the scenes photos with friends and family, the dancer, the Guruji, tech rehearsal, decorations, etc.

We shoot the entirety of the dance program, with a short break during intermission.

After the program, before everyone clears out of the theater we sometimes get family and group photos on stage. This depends on the school. Some schools do this right before the program with just immediate family.

Afterwards we shoot during dinner services. Which typically lasts about 45 minutes.

Extra time is available, charged hourly. This may include a morning Pooja, for example.

I don’t give out the raw files. These are the digital negatives, which in the film days would be the film. You will get full resolution jpg’s which can be printed, shared, published to your social media.

Photobooks and other media are extra. If you would like to get a professionally created photobook we can discuss options and pricing. The rate for the event night covers the cost of shooting and processing the images.

We certainly do! Other events, Red Carpets, Weddings, Engagement Shoots, Food Photography, Headshots.