How to prepare for your Photographers

We know you will be busy preparing for your once-in-a-lifetime event and often this is a very stressful day.

To better help us give you the best photography experience we have a list of items you can prepare or be prepared to handle when we arrive and during the event.

Contacts before and during the event.

Make sure to provide us with any contacts we need for the event. This will be both parents mobile numbers. If you have an event planner, give us their name or company info and their mobile number. We should be able to reach you when we need to.


Let us know where your event is being held prior to the event and if there are multiple locations, etc. Provide the address(es).

Family Coordinator

We know how important it is for you to get as many family members and friends in your photographs, especially those who have traveled far to be there. Make sure to have someone available who knows who everyone is and can help coordinate getting everyone together for group photos. This includes the 30-45 minutes before the event starts and the 30 minutes right after the program when everyone wants to be photographed with the star of evening.